MacDonnells Law is one of Queensland’s longest established independent law firms, with offices in Brisbane and Cairns. We operate on a state-wide basis, with our two offices providing the resources and support to ensure we can respond to all legal needs throughout Queensland regardless of their nature, size or duration.

Our client centred and relationship driven approach to every single client and matter is what differentiates our offering from that of a traditional law firm. We speak your language and take the time to understand not only the issue you are wishing to resolve but also the unique intricacies of your own business or personal affairs to ensure we can work alongside you to compliment, enhance and assist you in achieving the ultimate end goal for your business.

Our firm is structured into five state-wide practice groups comprised of experts from all areas of law.

MacDonnells Law proudly supports the communities that we serve with our community involvement, membership and board positions in the legal, local and business environments.

Who we are and what we do is best summed up by Our Director Luckbir Singh says:

“We are a group of lawyers who really understand the business outcomes of our client. Our team is engrained in our clients’ businesses to use the legal toolkit to solve complex legal problems with our savvy and bespoke legal approach that gets clients the results and allows them to succeed in business’.”

Luckbir Singh - Director

Our clients say “we are the difference” to them successfully progressing through each stage of their business journey. We solve complex legal problems with our savvy and bespoke ‘end game’ legal approach. We work deeply with our clients as a business partner to unlock growth opportunities whilst deleveraging their risk.


MacDonnells Law celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2009 as the fifth oldest law firm in Queensland. This video was produced by MacDonnells Law in conjunction with Enso Studios to commemorate this milestone.