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MacDonnells Law has an extensive, innovative and experienced commercial practice group, providing the highest level of expert advice, service and solutions that fit your business.

We understand that each matter and business is different, so our approach to delivery of services is tailored specifically to you, your expectations and desired outcomes.

We are well recognised for our industry knowledge and practical approach to providing not only advice, but solutions, to boards and senior management in respect of corporate governance and compliance, director and shareholder disputes and strategies to improve board performance and ultimately the performance of the company itself.

We understand that a holistic approach is essential when dealing with the structuring or restructuring of your assets and business. We provide strategic advice and solutions throughout all stages of an individual’s and business’ life by applying our expertise to develop solutions to your particular needs and circumstances and your long term plans.

The bread and butter of the commercial area is of course contracts and here at MacDonnells Law, we have extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and advising on a wide variety of commercial contractual documentation. We understand the preservation of a healthy relationship with suppliers, business partners and customers is of the utmost importance, so we take a tailored commercial and calculated approach to our provision of services to clients, ensuring your obligations and risks are clearly identified and your rights are protected whilst taking a commercial approach.

Our experience covers the full spectrum of transactions across a wide range of industries and we understand that merger, sale and acquisition deals often involve a diverse range of complex issues, whether it be commercial, financial, regulatory or compliance. Not only does our team have significant expertise and experience in mergers, sales and acquisitions, we also adopt a commercial and practical approach to delivery of services by working closely with our client’s and their advisors to develop the best strategy and to get a deal done. We have a track record of successfully closing deals through our deep understanding of commercial issues and preparedness to get the parties around a table to crunch any problematic issues.

As we are a full service business client centred firm with expertise across a wide range of legal areas, we are able to utilise all relevant practice experts to provide holistic advice and solutions on areas including employment, workplace health and safety, intellectual property, planning and environment compliance, taxation and property.

Our commercial practice group has extensive experience in advising on the obligations, protections available and risks associated with personal property and securities legislation and how it relates to various financing arrangements, transactions and businesses. We are committed to providing a practical and commercial approach to deliver our services in a tailored manner to suit our client’s business needs and risk appetites.

The term ‘intellectual property’ refers to creative and intellectual efforts protected by legislative and common law rights. It covers trade marks, patents, designs, copyright, plant breeders rights, circuit layout rights, confidential information and trade secrets. Intellectual property of any business has value, but it takes a bit of proactive effort to maximise that value.

We are well aware of the intimate details of intellectual property assets and our experts thrive on the exciting and quirky nature of intellectual property laws. We work with individuals and businesses across all stages of growth to provide timely, accurate and practical advice on protecting, registering, defending and commercialising that asset. In the shrinking commercial world, this also includes being mindful of the existence of intellectual property online.

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