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At MacDonnells Law we recognise that any successful project requires someone leading the charge and the input of other specialised services and that is exactly how you can expect your legal team to be structured. Our goal is to partner with you and bring to you the necessary legal input that might be required to deliver your project. Unsurprisingly you will find that our projects team comprises and draws together our specialists from across the Firm.

Don’t underestimate the important role a second or fresh set of eyes can have when you have been looking at the detail of a project. As legal advisers we are trained to identify issues, draw them to your attention and, if necessary, provide you with advice on them. At MacDonnells Law, we strive to match our advice with the objectives, needs and experience of our clients.

One of the most essential elements in any project whether it be a building project or an infrastructure project, is that the parties clearly document their roles, responsibilities and the risks they are each willing to bear. At MacDonnells Law we can offer our skills to review your draft contracts, propose standard contracts for consideration (such as Australia Standards) or prepare you a personalised contract to suit your needs and budget.

Projects are not risk free, but having a great understanding of where your risks lie gives you the ability to manage those risks and avoid disputes. As part of our projects team, we draw on the skill of our experienced dispute resolution and litigation team as necessary.

Any project requires that thought be given as to whether the land on which the project is to be undertaken is subject to any native title, or cultural heritage considerations or obligations. At MacDonnells Law we partner with our clients to help navigate them through these issues.

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