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At MacDonnells Law, we have a team ready and waiting to deal with all things property. Let us guide you through the myriad of federal, state and local laws without fuss by providing practical advice and solutions tailored to your individual location and circumstances.

Each local council region in the State has its own planning scheme established under the state planning laws. Usually these rules cover things such as what building can be built where and what conditions will be attached to any proposed development. Our team at MacDonnells Law is skilled in all aspects of town planning laws whether it be advising on the planning scheme, discussing and negotiating conditions with your local council, preparing infrastructure agreements or taking Court proceedings to pursue the outcome you are seeking.

We are aware that the development is a key part of any economy and we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients and other expert advisers to give you practical, timely and expert advice. Whether it be due diligence prior to a purchase, strategic advice on what types of development applications are required or negotiating conditions on development approvals, we have the field covered.

An important consideration in any new project or existing operation is ensuring compliance with environmental laws. Our lawyers at MacDonnells Law can advise on your obligations and ways to ensure your project or operation is compliant and otherwise act in enforcement proceedings. From assisting in the attainment of environmental approvals to giving advice in respect of environment compliance and defending persons against environmental enforcement action, our team have the breadth of skills and the right approach to deal with all of your environmental law requirements.

Buying, selling, leasing? We are here to help! Property transactions are often some of the biggest legal issues people will deal with in their business or their lifetime and it can be surprising how often advice is not sought on these very important legal matters. We can assist by ensuring your interests are protected and will take the time to understand your circumstances and objectives.

Local, state and federal governments have powers which allow them to acquire (or resume) land for public purposes such as building roads or infrastructure and at the same time require them to pay compensation. Whilst they can do this as of right provided they follow the process, quite often they will approach the relevant landholder and discuss doing this by consent and try to agree on how much compensation they will pay. At MacDonnells Law we are experienced in acting for both people having their land acquired and the party acquiring the land and can assist with ensuring that our client gets the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

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