Risk and Dispute Management

Our Risk and Dispute Management team practices throughout Queensland and prides itself on:

  • Advising clients on how to minimise risk from the outset in any arrangement;
  • Advising clients on how to avoid disputes before they arise;
  • Advising clients on how to resolve disputes once they have arisen;
  • Providing expert and practical advice to achieve commercial outcomes for their clients;
  • High-quality legal representation in all state and Federal Courts and all other forums including commissions, tribunals.

The types of disputes which arise for a business are so varied they can be hard to define, but may include:

  • stakeholder disputes such as disputes amongst shareholders, directors or partners;
  • supplier disputes such as problems with goods or services or non-payment of accounts;
  • sale or purchase disputes such as disputes over business assets;
  • enforcement of business rights such as confidential information.

Some businesses will inevitably fail whether due to poor economic times or otherwise.  At MacDonnells Law, we advise on all matters relevant to the failure of businesses whether it be advice to:

  • insolvency practitioners on their obligations in tidying up the business and trying to obtain a return for creditors;
  • business owners or shareholders who are attempting to keep their business alive or who are dealing with the consequences and fall out of their business having already failed;
  • creditors who are either being pursued by insolvency practitioners for goods or monies they have received or who are dealing with the large shortfall the failure has left or will leave in their cashflow.

Contract disputes typically result in either a contract being terminated or the parties attempting to find a way for the contract to continue and may or may not result in a party wanting compensation or to recover monies they have already spent.  If a dispute has arisen (or is looking likely) we can review your contracts and provide you with our opinions, identify your risks and provide you with your options to help guide you towards the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

Property disputes are about enforcing rights that people have to real property – land or buildings. Generally, these disputes take two forms, being disputes over ownership or disputes over possession (such as with leases or licences). Here at MacDonnells we will help you identify and enforce your property rights and resolve your property disputes.

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